ICC Course Rules

General Rules 

  1. All members and their guests must share the responsibility of making Inverness the best possible golf course by observing the club rules which are listed below and will be strictly enforced. Proper golf etiquette must be practiced at all times. This includes: respect for other players on the course, replacing divots, raking sand traps, repairing ball marks on the greens, disposing of trash in cans, etc.
  2. Any complaints or infractions of these rules should be first made to the Pro Shop staff and if not addressed adequately, made in writing and addressed to the Board of Directors. Any person violating these rules, causing undue stress to any member or employee of the club, or willfully destroying any part of the course or equipment will be liable to disciplinary action and or compensation by the Board of Directors.  Any requests for deviations from these rules shall be made before the Board of Directors and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Special Rules

  1. All members and guests must sign in at the Pro Shop and start play at the number one tee, unless otherwise authorized by the Pro Shop staff.
  2. Every player must have his or her own set of clubs.
  3. No more than four players in a group, except for special club functions or by special permission of the Pro Shop staff.
  4. During peak hours or busy periods, the Pro Shop staff has the discretion of teaming up singles and twosomes into threesomes and foursomes to speed up play. Members and guests are expected to cooperate.
  5. Faster groups must be allowed to play through slower groups.  There should not be open holes ahead of you while players are waiting behind you.
  6. Groups playing eighteen holes will alternate at the first tee with new groups starting when playing their second nine holes.
  7. Local course rules are specified on the back of the score card.  The out-of-bounds markers on the course must be adhered to at all times.
  8. Summer rules will apply to all players (leagues, mixed two balls, tournaments, etc.) once posted by the Superintendent.
  9. No pets allowed on the course.
  10. No steel spikes allowed.

Guest Eligibility Rules 

  1. Upon reaching their 22nd birthday, children of members are considered guests, but allowed unlimited play through their 25th birthday after paying the appropriate greens fee.
  2. Children under ten years of age, to play on the golf course at any time, must either have the permission of the Pro Shop staff or be accompanied by an adult member.
  3. Children twelve and under are not allowed on the course before 2:00 p.m on Saturday, Sunday, or Holidays except during special events involving children.
  4. Children ten to twelve years of age can play weekdays until 3:00 p.m. without an adult member. They must be accompanied by an adult member at all other unrestricted times.
  5. An individual may be a guest at Inverness Country Club for eight rounds of either nine or eighteen holes, in one calendar year from May 1 through Labor Day.  Guests are allowed unlimited play after Labor Day and before May 1.  All guests must have a sponsoring member present to play. All guests must pay greens fees. Exceptions to the number of rounds include Senior Scramble and ICC sponsored events.  Any additional exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. Unmarried Members shall be allowed to designate one unrelated individual as his or her “Designated Other” at the beginning of each calendar year in writing to the Board of Directors. Such Designated Other shall be allowed to play an unlimited number of times with the Member upon payment of the appropriate greens fee.  The Designated Other shall be approved by the Board of Directors and kept on file at the Pro Shop and cannot be changed until the following calendar year.

Hours of Play Rules

  1. All members must observe the course “OPEN” or “CLOSED” sign posted on the number one tee.  This sign will be used to open and close the course during the off season/unplayable conditions and to control special events.
  2. All special events will be posted in the Pro Shop.  Closing of the course for those events must be observed by members not participating in these functions.  The time for closing of the course will be posted. The online club calendar has been provided to assist you in knowing the schedule of special events; however, there may be changes on the calendar schedule.
  3. The hours of the Pro Shop are posted at the Pro Shop and online.

Dress Code Rules

  1. Each player should be suitably dressed at all times.  Shirts designed for golf are required for both men and women.  Gym shorts, short shorts, tank tops and cutoffs are not acceptable. Proper footwear must be worn at all times (no hard sole street shoes allowed).
  2. It is at the discretion of the Pro Shop staff as to whether proper dress code is being observed.

Golf Cart Rules

  1. Golf carts (rental or private) may not be driven by any person under 16 years of age; proof of the driver’s age may be required.
  2. Golf carts are not allowed on or within 30 feet of the tees or greens.
  3. Private carts should be maintained in good working condition to avoid loud exhaust, excessive exhaust, fuel leaks, etc.
  4. Golf carts will use asphalt paths where available.  Do not leave the paths on Holes 5 and 6.
  5. No more than two golf carts per foursome unless prior approval is obtained from the Pro Shop.