Inverness Country Club in Chelsea, Michigan provides a top-notch private country club on a beautiful landscape. The combination of excellent golf conditions in a casual and private environment, provides a membership value that can’t be beat.

Primary Member;

Currently, the one-time initiation fee to join ICC is $1,500.00 plus annual dues and assessments. The 2024 annual dues are $1,225.00, with an assessment of $100.00 (Capital improvement) and $125.00 (Irrigation System) also payable in January. That’s it – no monthly billing or minimums. The payment of the initiation fee plus yearly dues and assessments entitles you and your immediate family unlimited golf, tennis and pickleball plus reduced rental fees on our clubhouse, invitations to ICC social events and tournaments, play in ICC leagues and the ability to bring guests out to play for a very moderate fee. In addition, you may own and use your own golf cart at ICC.

Junior Member;

Currently, the one-time initiation fee to join ICC is $500.00. The 2024 annual dues are $612.50, with an assessment of $112.50 payable upon Board of Directors application approval.  Junior Membership includes all membership privileges at an annual dues rate of 50% of the full membership dues and assessment. In order to qualify as a Junior Member the Member must be between the ages of eighteen (18) and  thirty-four (34) as of January 1st of the current season.  A Junior Membership applies to only one person and does not extend any membership privileges to any other family members or significant others. Junior Members will be required to pay the normal member cost for any additional optional items they choose to elect such as GAM membership and practice range membership.   Upon reaching the age of thirty-five (35) a Junior Member must convert to a Full Member if he/she desires to remain a member for the following season.  This conversion will not require the payment of any additional initiation fee.   A Junior Member does not have any voting privileges at the Annual Member Meeting.

Please feel free to contact the Pro Shop at (734) 475-8746 if you have any questions, would like to tour ICC or are in need of a sponsor. If you would like to proceed with seeking membership, click here to fill out the online application. You will be notified once your application has been reviewed and approved.